Dene Roots went back to its' roots!

Carrying the Spirit of Plants into Smoke Free Spaces and Daily Rituals through Smokeless Smudge Sprays!  June 4, 2019.  Blog posts
     Hello. I’m Misty Ireland, a Dehcho Dene from the Tthek'éhsehdélı̨ First Nation (Jean Marie River) in the Northwest Territories, Canada. I was born in the NWT, raised in Northern Alberta, and returned to the NWT to live full time more than 26 years ago. I was inspired to create a series of Smokeless Smudge Sprays when my family was not allowed to burn smudge in a smoke free environment. Each blend has been inspired by Elder Stories and Dene Science and serve multiple purposes, just like traditional smudge does. The sprays help to ground, balance, and protect people and space by cleansing and purifying the area. In addition to using these smudge sprays for traditional and spiritual purposes, they are great for outdoor use and can help you enjoy the tasks at hand; whether that’s picking wild blue berries, relaxing on your deck or bringing connections to the land into your home or work space.
     Until recently, I was based out of Hay River. NWT.  In February 2019, I accepted a job offer that would bring me home to Tthek'éhsehdélı̨ First Nation in March 2019.  Although I've belonged to this nation all my life and I have a close relationship with many of my relations; up until this point, I have always lived elsewhere.  Excited about the opportunity for a true Dene homecoming, I packed my family up and loaded "Dene Roots" into the vehicle and made the journey home.
     Shortly after arriving into Jean Marie River, a cousin approached me and said "Welcome Home".  Those two words hit hard...Welcome...Home...  Although I've been living in the Dehcho Region for most of my life, I've just returned to my traditional Dene Roots. Those two words took on a whole new meaning for me as an overwhelming sensation tingled through my body. My nerve endings felt like a thousand microcosmic re-connections were occurring simultaneously. It was so powerful that I choked up as a wave of emotion rippled through me.  I thought to myself, "Wow! So that's what 'being home' feels like".
     Finding roots, or establishing new roots, helps people stay connected and grounded. It's my hope that Dene Roots Smudge Sprays can help others reconnect and strengthen their own connections as well.  It's really quite amazing that things have come full circle just as Dene Roots is starting to gain momentum.  What's also amazing is this move means that "Dene Roots" has also returned to its' roots! And this is only the beginning.